One Year of Multi-Cultural Wedding Celebrations

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Christina and Adnan shared an unforgettable year of wedding celebrations, honoring their families' cultures every step of the way. They beautifully displayed how love transcends cultures with an Islamic ceremony, a Colorado mountain wedding, and Indian reception. Read on to learn more from Christina!

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Love Story

We were both teachers attending a professional development session and were asked to role play students so teachers could practice classroom management. My student profile said to behave perfectly. His said that he "is enamored of the person sitting next to him" - and he did an excellent job flirting with me. The role play flirting turned into a wonderful friendship, which turned into dating.

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Adnan proposed to me in my hometown, Boulder, and we began our beautiful year of wedding celebrations and blending our two families and cultures! We had our Nikah, our Islamic legal wedding ceremony, in a mosque in Chicago - it was a colorful, joyful two days! Following that celebration, we hosted our family and friends for a Colorado mountain wedding where we were married by my family friends in my favorite place in the world. To round out the events, Adnan's parents hosted a Walima, a beautiful Indian wedding reception with their incredible family and community.

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Our Colorado wedding was designed to be a joyful, timeless, and beautiful coming together of our families and friends. It was important to us that our families be at the center, so our wedding party was our siblings, and family members made heartfelt toasts. When designing the ceremony, we carefully considered the differences between our families culturally and religiously, and the shared love and values that transcend any differences. We wanted to craft a ceremony with our family friends who married us that would uniquely reflect us, our values, our personalities, and our families.

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The colors were all inspired by the natural beauty of the Colorado mountains - the light pinks and greens evoke the natural landscape around us. We wanted to be able to see mountains from our ceremony spot, we wanted delicious, local food, and we wanted to have fun dancing - and we were able to make it all happen with our venue!

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One of the conversations we had when we were budgeting was to name what was most important to us - and we decided to pay for quality and go with our preferences in those categories. We knew we wanted excellent photos since those would last beyond our day and we wanted delicious, local food for our guests. Our ceremony spot was so beautiful, we knew we didn't need a lot of extras to make it special - so we opted to cut costs on things like programs, chair decorations, and so on.

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Unique Details

Adnan and I met in Nashville, Tennessee, and we wanted to have a nod to our meeting place and our friends we made while living in the South. Therefore, we had some late night snacks of Chicken and Waffles as well as a S'mores station. Our ceremony was incredibly special to us; we worked together for a year with our family friends to craft the content and flow. Adnan and I chose readings - a more serious one and a light-hearted one - that were non-religious and encompassing of our personalities. We loved having a Polaroid camera for guests to take pictures and leave us photos + notes in our guest book. After we got engaged, we adopted Teddy, our energetic and adorable puppy! We loved that he could come to see us before the ceremony, handsomely sporting his Dog of Honor bandana.

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Favorite Memory

There are so many little moments that stand out to us as we reflect! The two brightest spots in our minds are first, when we took five minutes just to be together after the ceremony but before we entered the reception. We climbed up to the third floor of the venue and peered down at all of our guests during cocktail hour and just took a moment to be grateful for all our family and friends - and relax for a moment!

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The other favorite moment was our first dance. We had taken lessons and were incredibly nervous and excited. We loved the energy of our guests during our dance, and felt like we were the only people in the world.

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Unique Challenges

A couple of challenges we faced during the wedding planning process included planning from a distance - we are currently living in California - and imagining and designing a wedding in which both of our families feel represented, included, and comfortable. My family and friends who were local in Colorado - as well as our amazing vendors - made it easy to hop on FaceTime or email back and forth in order to plan! I loved how Lionscrest Manor (our venue) had worked with so many of the vendors before, they were all so comfortable and knew the routine. I'm so glad that Adnan and I had a year to plan out our wedding that would welcome the families together; it was so important to ask everyone what they were comfortable with, how they wanted to be included and celebrated, and just to have frequent communication.

Read more on planning a wedding from out-of-town here.

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Lessons Learned

Looking back, I wish that we had booked our venue for a little more time - it goes by so quickly! I did my hair and makeup off site, and wish I had a few photos of everyone getting ready. By the time we had gotten to the venue, we only had about 30 minutes before photos started. Another thing I learned was that it is okay to have a preference and to ask for help! I was very relaxed and did a lot myself, which was lovely! Some of my friends and family really wanted to help, and I was just as relaxed and happy delegating, so I wish I would have done that earlier. Also, I wish we would have opted to have our photographers stay until the very end!

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Tips for Engaged Couples

Decide what is most important to you, and pursue quality! Remember that it is your day, and you should honor your preferences and wishes. Make sure you feel comfortable with your day-of coordinator and communicate frequently with that person! Take time to be with your significant other at some point during the event - just the two of you. Enjoy it - it will go by so fast and you want to be really present the whole time!

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Marriage Advice

Communicate frequently and honestly by sharing your needs and wants - and listen well! Continue practicing or discover how to show love in ways that matter to your partner. Date each other, even though you're married. Have each other's backs and keep being each other's best friend. Follow your own timeline and life path, and know that doing that might not make everyone else in your life totally happy.

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Guest List Count: 125 // Photography: Hitch & Sparrow were our amazing photographers, we love love them! // Venue: Lionscrest Manor - seriously the greatest group of people, Tatiana was unbelievable to work with. // Baker: Lori made the most delicious cakes, including a gluten-free one! Our guests said "this is the best cake we've ever had" and loved the bride and groom cookies. // Caterer: Greens Point Catering // Videographer: Andy Sullivan // DJ: Pure Sounds Productions // Florist: Flori Flowers // Hair and Makeup: The Bridal Goddess // Wedding Dress: anna bé // Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Beth Creations // Shoes: BHLDN

Sweetheart Love Story with a Rocky Mountain Backdrop

Emily and John are high school sweethearts who learned absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Years later, they've finally gotten their fairy tale ending (which includes a salsa bar)! Read on to learn more from Emily!

Love Story

Johnny and I met when we were seniors in high school living in Colorado Springs. We graduated high school and had to go our separate ways when I started college and he enlisted in the Air Force.

Being in a long distance relationship was hard but two and a half years later we were engaged and then a year and a half later we decided to finally say "I do". The saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" was very true for us.


Our theme was rustic Colorado. Our colors were peach, coral, light pink, gold and navy. We decorated the venue with burlap accents, lace and lots of mason jars. We wanted to give our guests a true Rocky Mountain experience from the location of venue to the pine cones we used as part of our center pieces.


Budgeting for a wedding was not easy, however my husband and I worked together to decide where the majority of the money was spent. I wanted to hire a professional photographer to capture our wedding day and my husband wanted to make sure our guests had a great meal. By weighing our options with the choice of our venue, we found a location that had everything we wanted and was within our budget.

Unique Details

Our venue was unique in itself because it was an inn and we were able to stay at our venue for the whole weekend, allowing a fun getaway for our whole wedding party to enjoy. We also wanted our wedding to represent our personalities as much as possible. We chose to have our wedding in the Colorado Rockies because that is a place that we both love. We also decorated the venue with lots of pictures from our engagement session to make the venue feel as though it was our own for the weekend.

Favorite Memory

My favorite memory from my wedding was our vows. We each wrote our own and they had so much meaning and were so special to each of us.


We faced many unique challenges during our wedding planning experience. My husband and I were living in separate states and neither one of us were in Colorado during the time that we planned our wedding. My husband is activity duty military and I was finishing my last year of college. Between studying for school and working we planned the wedding. We had to just do it a little bit at a time for me to study for my classes, so it was nice that we had one year and a half to plan everything.

(Check out the Colorful Colorado Weddings tips for planning a wedding from out-of-town here.)

Lessons Learned

Looking back I wish that I would've budgeted for a wedding planner. I had too much going on trying to finish my undergraduate that it became too stressful and there were some points that I got tired of planning the wedding.

Tips for Engaged Couples

Some advice that I have for those who are wedding planning now is to not be afraid to ask for help; it can get overwhelming at times and it is a lot easier when you let people help you.

Marriage Advice

Let it be an adventure. It will be hard and you will have to learn to love each other in a new way everyday, but it should never stop being an adventure.

Guest List Count: 150 // Photography: Jessica Elle Photography // Venue: The Edgewood Inn // Bakery: Nothing Bunt Cakes // Caterer: Panino's Restaurant // DJ: Intense Media // Stationery: Shutterfly // Florist: fiftyflowers.com // Wedding Dress: The Bridal Collection // Bridesmaids' Dresses: Azazie.com // Groomsmen and Groom's Wardrobe: Men's Wearhouse // Officiant: Rev. Alan Borcher


Vintage Clock Tower Wedding With Paleo Reception

From Houston to Denver to Singapore, this adventurous couple has committed to love each other in sickness and in health. Dave and Melissa's beautiful wedding features a delicious but super healthy meal, vintage and steampunk decor, and a tech savvy solution for guests who couldn't celebrate with them in person!


Love Story

Here's an excerpt of Dave and Melissa's story, written by their dear friend Megan for their wedding website:

Dave lived in Houston and Melissa lived in Denver when they met online. They spent several months getting to know each other by exchanging messages, sending emails, and video chatting. Finally, Dave decided that he absolutely had to meet this girl, so he purchased a plane ticket to Denver.

Their long distance relationship continued on for some time. They flew to see each other as often as they could. The trips were never long enough or frequent enough, so Melissa took a chance on love and moved herself to Houston. 

While they were still enjoying the glow of their new permanence in each other’s lives, something completely unexpected and rather heartbreaking was discovered. A few months after arriving in Houston, Melissa was diagnosed with a rare and incurable autoimmune disease. Dave bore the news with compassion and fortitude, never wavering in his commitment to her.

Dave and Melissa continued to build their lives together for several years. Marriage was often thought about and discussed, but Melissa didn't know Dave had picked out a ring or that a proposal was on its way. A few days before Christmas, Dave proposed to Melissa at her favorite restaurant. They were ready to not only plan a wedding, but a marriage.

Next, we'll hand things off to Melissa to tell us about their big day!


I was born in Colorado and moved back for college. Capital Hill and downtown were my stomping grounds, so it just seemed appropriate to have our wedding where Dave and I first met instead of in Houston. We wanted the theme to be simple and elegant. I'm a huge fan of vintage furniture and jewelry as a result of going to auctions all of the time with my mom when I was growing up. We chose to do our wedding in grayscale. Black and white is popular, but I found it a bit limiting and I love metallic colors tied in with the matte colors.


Dave and I were lucky with wedding costs because I have a B.A. in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Colorado and had picked up a lot of diverse tech skills at my job. I was able to design all of the save the date magnets, invitations, envelopes, RSVP cards, website, cupcake table signs, wedding party app signs and app setup, and html email announcements regarding the wedding day details. 

We kept our wedding party small, which was a huge help. We had always talked about a very small wedding and only had a maid-of-honor and best man at our side. With the size of the Clock Tower venue, it's good that we did!

The things we splurged on were the food and cake because we are both very into fitness and nutrition. It was important for us to have good food that we could eat and food that our guests would enjoy. Bistro Boys Catering helped us out immensely with a Paleo menu and Azucar bakery provided us a Paleo cake with gluten free and regular cupcakes. 

The Clock Tower venue was a bit of a splurge too. We looked at doing our ceremony at one place and holding the reception elsewhere, but it was actually going to run us more with the venues we were looking at. They provided chairs, tables, and some decorations, and planning a wedding from Houston while we were both working full-time made this a no-brainer. Less things to have to source! The big commitment with the Clock Tower is that you do have to pay for it all up front. 

We decided not to go with a DJ because we knew the music we liked and had it all on our computers. It was easy enough to come up with a playlist and put it on an iPod because the Clock Tower had a sound system we could hook into. One of the workers there just had to hit play at the right time. 

No need for a videographer. I brought my laptop and we bought a 100 foot ethernet cable so I could plug it in directly to the internet so there'd be no streaming issues. I borrowed a camera, tripod, and microphone and set them up on my own right before the ceremony. Guests that couldn't make it could watch us get married live, and those that weren't available at the time could access the video any time after that on my YouTube account. 

My iMovie video skills allowed me to make the rehearsal dinner slideshow video, showing photos of Dave and me as a couple and as we were growing up. 

My mom found a very inexpensive florist with great reviews and we really didn't need a lot of flowers because the venue was already decorated with some nice fake ones. Flowers weren't a big deal for me, but they were for my mom. I could have gone with just bouquets for my sister and me. 

Photography was something worth splurging on. I have a design background and having taught Yearbook, I know pictures make the story. Pictures fill in that bit of the story you miss while you're getting ready and running around. Pictures are how you will see the guests you didn't get a lot of time with at the actual event. Pictures are what will trigger your memory years after the event has happened. Dave Camara was phenomenal. We booked him for our engagement photos as well. He's laid back and very professional with a creative eye. He'll get the standard shots, but he also gets ones you'd never think to frame how he has.

I really wanted to get my dress from a consignment shop. I don't believe in splurging on something you're only going to wear once, and I planned to consign my dress after the wedding. I had some trouble booking a time at Marry Go Round (a bridal consignment shop in Houston) and we ended up at David's Bridal just to get a feel for what I had in mind. The only issue is that I tried on a dress that was perfect and it was $1000. I said I only wanted to spend half of that at most. Peer pressure won out. I don't regret it, and still plan to consign that dress. 

Dave and his best man rented tuxes from Men's Wearhouse. It was easy because we were in Houston and he was in Raleigh, North Carolina, and they have stores in both areas. 

I chose 3 Little Birds Salon due to location, affordability, and reviews. We were traveling from Houston to Denver for our wedding and I was relying on family to get me where I needed to be since Dave had the rental car. They did a great job and nailed the more vintage hair style I was going for with the pin curls. I'm very low-maintenance and wanted to look like me for my wedding. I did a test run with the salon, but my sister ended up doing my makeup just because I wanted a very understated look. Free definitely wasn't a bad price. 

We didn't do a registry and chose to use honeyfund.com to help pay for our honeymoon instead. It didn't make sense to gather a bunch of things we'd just have to pack that might not work once we headed to Singapore.

I pooled my resources of friends and family to make some of the details come together that would have normally ended up costing me a lot more. One of my best friends and college roommate officiated the wedding for us. It was so much more personal and again, didn't cost us a dime. Meagan is a pro and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a ceremony that is a bit less traditional.

Unique Details

We did our save the date magnets using vistaprint.com. They were definitely the cheapest and most reliable print vendor and I've been using them for a long time. I designed the graphics for the envelopes and made separate files with every recipient's unique address. We printed those at home and used the same files to print on the pearl, off white envelopes we sent out with our formal invitations. 

I also designed our wedding invitations in Adobe Illustrator, tying in steampunk elements to match our venue. I bought clock parts on eBay and in Hobby Lobby, and we spray painted them silver on brown packing paper in the garage. I glued a couple of gears onto the invites along with two hands on a clock that showed the time our ceremony was to be. I also found silver paper doilies that I used to help add a vintage feel to the invitations, and then we glued silver/black ribbon to the cards and tied them. They were very labor intensive, but we sent out less than 100, so it only took a few days of long hours to get them done. 

I designed the RSVP cards to match the custom wedding invitations and had them printed by vistaprint.com as well. They always have sales running for business cards, so that's the size I made them. Rather than doing a pre-stamped and addressed envelope, we only provided our phone number or website to RSVP in order to save some money. 

In the end, was all of the stationary cheap? No. Were they cheap for highly custom and intricate designed invitations? Yes. I priced them out and I think I would have paid about $12-15 each for them if I had outsourced them. Thank heavens for Hobby Lobby sales and some ingenuity. 

Favorite Memory

If you know Dave and I well, you know we love to laugh. I had gone down the the 14th floor to use the restroom and just happened to catch Dave walking out. He left the toilet seat up! Dave Camara, our photographer, just happened to be there and captured the moment. It was so funny and out of the norm. 


I found it really difficult to try to plan a wedding in a different city and wrap up the school year as a teacher. Not only that, we were moving to Singapore less than two weeks after our wedding. We used Google spreadsheets to keep ourselves organized and we were able to share the sheets with our parents and anyone else involved. We had tabs for the guest list, vendors, budget, invitations, RSVPs and thank you notes. It was really helpful and I still use that document as my address book for family and friends. Thank heavens for email. Otherwise, I don't think anything would have been planned!

(For help planning a wedding long-distance, check out the Colorful Colorado Weddings blog post, "Tips for Planning a Wedding from Out-of-Town".)

We also had a challenge with our venue because I have elderly aunts and uncles who wouldn't be able to walk up the stairs from the 17th to 21st floor of the clock tower. We discussed so many options and nearly changed our venue. Ultimately, we came down to the solution that we could live stream the ceremony on the 18th floor to the 17th floor where tables would be set up for those relatives. The caterer would be on the 17th floor and would make special plates of food for our guests. The restrooms were also on this floor, so I knew they'd see all of the guests and there'd be no problem with everyone mingling and being involved. I was so stressed out, but none of those guests RSVP'ed yes or showed up. It was all for nothing. But, we were ready!

Lessons Learned

I wish I would have known how much it would all cost. You start out thinking you're going to put on this great event on a crazy small budget, and there are some things that just won't meet your ideals unless you're willing to fork over the money for those things (ie - venues, etc). Then you realize that the venue doesn't matter. The decorations don't matter. Very few of those details really matter. The people you are sharing this event with matter. It wouldn't matter if it was potluck in your parents back yard. Don't stress. It's not worth it.

(For budgeting help, check out the Colorful Colorado Weddings blog post, "How to Create a Wedding Budget".)

Tips for Engaged Couples

Start early. Don't stress out because some of those small details won't make a bit of difference on your big day. Ask for help!

Marriage Advice

Now that you're married, what marriage advice would you share with other couples?: Communication and laughter are our tricks to success. There was a point in time that Dave and I read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and it has come in handy so many times. It talks about 5 different ways people feel loved, and those ways can change over time. Communicating these with each other has made a world of difference in our relationship. 

Guest Count: 50 // Photography: Camara Photography // Venue: Clock Tower Downtown Denver // Bakery: Azucar Bakery // Caterer/Bar Services: Bistro Boys // Videographer: BusyMo Media & Design // Event Rentals: Clock Tower Events // Stationery: BusyMo Media & Design // Florist: Ed Moore Florist // Hairstylist: 3 Little Birds Salon // Wedding Dress/Bridesmaids' Dresses: David's Bridal Houston Galleria // Groom's/Groomsmen's Wardrobe: Men's Wearhouse // Shoes: Ebay // Accessories: Amazon // Wedding Website: mywedding.com // Wedding Guest Photos: weddingpartyapp.com

Tips for Planning a Wedding From Out-of-Town

Whether you want a wedding outside the U.S. or in your hometown after moving away, there are unique challenges in planning a wedding from out-of-town. Destination weddings are fun, romantic, and exciting, and can be executed expertly with some careful planning.


Your guests will need plenty of time to make travel arrangements and request time off from work for your destination wedding, especially if you're getting married over a busy holiday weekend. After you book your venue, send out your save-the-dates about 1 year in advance so your guests can mark their calendars and begin prepping to celebrate with you.

Research Local Laws

Before setting your wedding plans in stone, make sure to research local laws to avoid surprises. For example, I planned my wedding reception in a state park in New Jersey, only to later realize alcohol is not permitted and there is a strict limit to how man cars will fit in the parking lot. 

Also, research what you have to do in order to obtain your marriage license. If you're getting married in the Denver area, read "How to Get a Marriage License in Denver."

Plan Details Virtually

Your destination wedding will have a lot of moving parts, with supplies and help coming from all over. Using Google Docs and Google Sheets to plan your wedding will help ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

The great thing about Google Docs and Sheets is that they can be shared via email with anyone. You're working in Chicago while your fiancé is finishing law school in Pittsburgh and your parents are helping plan your Denver wedding? No problem. You can all look at your wedding budget and edit it in real time. The documents save automatically and are stored in the cloud.

After thoroughly planning out your wedding weekend itinerary, share the document with all vendors, friends, and relatives who are involved in executing your wedding plans.

Consult a Local Wedding Planner

Destination resorts often have an on-sight coordinator who can recommend wedding pros they usually partner with and assist you in arranging your wedding plans from afar.

If your venue doesn't have a coordinator, consider hiring a wedding coordinator based in the area of your wedding. If you haven't budgeted for a full-service planner who can help you find local vendors, at least consider hiring a local day-of coordinator who can support you in executing all of the wedding day details.

If you're getting married in the Denver area, check out our directory of local planners and coordinators.

Read Reviews and Get Recommendations

Browse the internet to get a feel for what past clients are saying about your prospective vendors and check out what people are saying about them on social media. Also, put local networking to use. Once you book a vendor you really like, ask them for their suggestions. For example, if you find an amazing caterer, ask them which florist they love to work with.

Be Upfront About Your Budget

It's quite common for wedding pros to hold-off on giving a price quote until they've had the chance to meet with you face-to-face. You don't have time for this process if you're planning from out-of-town, of course.

When you reach out to vendors, be upfront with your plans and budget. Explain that you're planning from out-of-town, what you're hoping to accomplish with their services, and approximately what your budget is. This will help you quickly find the vendors that are right for you.

For more budgeting tips, check out "How to Create a Wedding Budget."

Schedule Meetings for the Same Day

If you can arrange at least one visit before booking your vendors, meeting with them in person will definitely bring you peace of mind. While you probably won't visit the Bahamas to check out your potential wedding venue in advance, you might be able to schedule a visit to your wedding locale if it's in a nearby state. 

You won't have time to meet 5 different photographers, so before coming to town, narrow down your favorite vendors. Schedule appointments with all of your prospective vendors for the same day or two so you can crank out as many meetings as possible during your short visit. While time may be limited, don't forget to read all vendor contracts carefully before signing them.

Make Payments in Advance

If there's one thing you don't want to worry about, it's transporting large sums of cash to pay vendors in person on the wedding day. Always ask vendors if it's possible to pay in advance via credit card. Be sure to ask for a receipt and pay off your bill right away.

Consider National Chains

Using a national chain when possible can reduce some potential confusion. Renting the groomsmen's attire from a chain such as Men's Warehouse will allow you to easily make arrangements from anywhere.

The groomsmen can go for a fitting at the Men's Warehouse near their home, and their information can be sent to the Men's Warehouse near the wedding location. It will also be simple to get a replacement of the correct color tie in case anyone spills mustard on theirs!

Consider Accommodations

If possible, have your ceremony and reception in the same location so your guests don't have to worry about transportation. Before booking your venue, consider whether it's easily accessible from local hotels and an airport. It's a nice gesture to reserve a block of rooms at a hotel so that your guests don't have to decide where to book a room. 

For more ways to welcome your guests, read "Accommodating Out-of-Town Wedding Guests."

Simplify Your Decor

Traveling with loads of decorations and favors can be challenging. Consider keeping your decorations simple. Try to rent a venue that has natural beauty and doesn't need a lot of decor. Brighten up your venue with flowers arranged by a local florist, and consider renting other decorations and purchasing favors from local providers instead of trying to bring them with you.

Plan Your Flight

If you'll need to fly to your wedding destination, it's never too early to sign up for airfare price alerts from Airfarewatchdog or Kayak. Before purchasing your plane ticket, consider the airline's luggage policy. If you have a lot of DIY decorations or attire to pack, consider flying with an airline such as Southwest (domestic flights only) which allows you to check 2 bags for free. If possible, put your most important belongings in your carry-on luggage so you don't have to worry about it getting misplaced.

Arrive a Few Days Before the Wedding

Can you imagine missing a flight and not making it to your own wedding? Leave plenty of time in your schedule to arrive to your wedding area without feeling rushed or panicked, and encourage your family and wedding party to do the same. This will give you time to tie up any loose ends, track down missing luggage, purchase local supplies, pick up rentals, and meet with vendors, if necessary. 

Rent a Home

Skip the hotel and consider using Airbnb to find a home to rent near the wedding venue. You and your wedding party will be traveling from out-of-town with luggage, wedding clothes, decorations, etc. Having a house to settle into for the weekend will help everyone feel at home, reduce stress, and prevent important wedding items from getting lost. You'll also save money by cooking in, instead of staying in a hotel and dining out.

Be an Early Bird

Remember, it's never too early to start planning. Nail down as many details as you can in advance so you'll have time to hammer out any last minute issues. Start by booking your venue and the vendors that are important to you, and branch out to smaller details from there.

Soon you'll be well on your way to an amazing, memorable destination wedding!

Sources: Every Last Detail // The Pink Bride

Accommodating Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

Not only is Colorado a popular destination wedding spot, couples often meet after moving to the area and decide to get married near their new home. In either case, most of the wedding guests are not locals. If your wedding guests are traveling from out of town, there are creative ways to be an accommodating host.

Save the Dates

If most of your guests will be traveling from out-of-town, or if you're getting married over a busy holiday weekend, send out your save-the-dates about 1 year before the wedding. This will give your guests plenty of time to make travel plans for your big day. Save the dates should include your names as well as the date and location of the celebration.

Wedding Website

A wedding website like the one I made for free when I got married using TheKnot.com is a great way to share information with your guests. Your website should include a wedding weekend schedule, the locations of the reception and ceremony, suggested hotels, the names of the nearest train station and airport, public transportation information, and suggested sightseeing. For example, you could mention your favorite Denver brewery or museum. You and your fiancé may be busy every waking moment, but your guests might like to fill some down time with local attractions that are special to you.


Before booking your venue, consider whether it will be easily accessible from local hotels and the nearest airport. While there are many gorgeous, remote wedding spots throughout Colorado, some are harder to get to than others for out-of-towners, especially if there's a lot of snow. Consider reserving a block of rooms in a nearby hotel, so guests can easily book a room near the wedding venue.


A wedding shuttle is my favorite way that I’ve seen Denver couples accommodate their out-of-town guests. Your guests are already paying for a flight and a hotel room; rather than your guests renting cars and trying to navigate in a new city, treat them to bus transportation. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting lost and your guests can continue partying and socializing during the ride without worrying about drinking and driving. Just have all of your guests stay in the same hotel, and they’ll be whisked off to the ceremony and reception in a bus like the one pictured below, provided by Limo Denver. It’s fun and stress-free, and shows your guests you’ve gone the extra mile to accommodate them.

Welcome Basket or Bag

You might like to treat your guests to some special goodies to help them feel at home in their hotel rooms. You could include anything from snacks and souvenirs to toiletries and a local map.

Face Time

Your wedding guests made the effort to come to your wedding so they could spend time with you, so be sure they can. Arrange a get-together prior to the rehearsal dinner such as a laid-back lunch that includes all of your out-of-town guests. During the reception, make a toast and acknowledge how touched you are by everyone who traveled to be there. Since couples often fly off to their honeymoon some time the day after their wedding, it’s growing increasingly popular to have a brunch the morning after the wedding with everyone who's still in town.

Have you thought of other creative ways to show your out-of-town guests some love? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

Source: theknot.com