Accommodating Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

Not only is Colorado a popular destination wedding spot, couples often meet after moving to the area and decide to get married near their new home. In either case, most of the wedding guests are not locals. If your wedding guests are traveling from out of town, there are creative ways to be an accommodating host.

Save the Dates

If most of your guests will be traveling from out-of-town, or if you're getting married over a busy holiday weekend, send out your save-the-dates about 1 year before the wedding. This will give your guests plenty of time to make travel plans for your big day. Save the dates should include your names as well as the date and location of the celebration.

Wedding Website

A wedding website like the one I made for free when I got married using is a great way to share information with your guests. Your website should include a wedding weekend schedule, the locations of the reception and ceremony, suggested hotels, the names of the nearest train station and airport, public transportation information, and suggested sightseeing. For example, you could mention your favorite Denver brewery or museum. You and your fiancé may be busy every waking moment, but your guests might like to fill some down time with local attractions that are special to you.


Before booking your venue, consider whether it will be easily accessible from local hotels and the nearest airport. While there are many gorgeous, remote wedding spots throughout Colorado, some are harder to get to than others for out-of-towners, especially if there's a lot of snow. Consider reserving a block of rooms in a nearby hotel, so guests can easily book a room near the wedding venue.


A wedding shuttle is my favorite way that I’ve seen Denver couples accommodate their out-of-town guests. Your guests are already paying for a flight and a hotel room; rather than your guests renting cars and trying to navigate in a new city, treat them to bus transportation. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting lost and your guests can continue partying and socializing during the ride without worrying about drinking and driving. Just have all of your guests stay in the same hotel, and they’ll be whisked off to the ceremony and reception in a bus like the one pictured below, provided by Limo Denver. It’s fun and stress-free, and shows your guests you’ve gone the extra mile to accommodate them.

Welcome Basket or Bag

You might like to treat your guests to some special goodies to help them feel at home in their hotel rooms. You could include anything from snacks and souvenirs to toiletries and a local map.

Face Time

Your wedding guests made the effort to come to your wedding so they could spend time with you, so be sure they can. Arrange a get-together prior to the rehearsal dinner such as a laid-back lunch that includes all of your out-of-town guests. During the reception, make a toast and acknowledge how touched you are by everyone who traveled to be there. Since couples often fly off to their honeymoon some time the day after their wedding, it’s growing increasingly popular to have a brunch the morning after the wedding with everyone who's still in town.

Have you thought of other creative ways to show your out-of-town guests some love? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!